The relationship between Piet Raijmakers Sr. and Seiji Ninomiya is very much like a familiar bond.

The training and coaching of riders, but also the trade of horses to Japan has evolved thanks to the harmonious teamwork between Piet Sr. and Seiji. Throughout the years a large number of horses has already been sold from Europe to Japan. Always with the guidance and advice from both Team Piet Raijmakers and the Narita Riding Club.

Team Piet Raijmakers, currently consisting out of father Piet Sr., son Joep and daughter in law Leontien (dressage), has a lot of expertise between the three of them.

Anyone who wants to buy a horse can contact Team Piet Raijmakers through Narita Riding Club. Both for professional and amateur riders the right horses can be sought. We want to find the correct horse for each individual customer. Team Piet Raijmakers checks and supervises everything. The purchased horse can be stabled at Team Piet Raijmakers and remain in training.

With the right horse being found, Team Piet Raijmakers and Narita Riding Club also will arrange transport, inspection, blood tests and other administrative tasks to prepare for the journey to Japan. Everything will be done to make sure the customer is satisfied. From Asten to Japan; everything is handled with great precision and detail.